RC4WD K44 Ultimate Scale Front Axle Z-A0048

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K44 Ultimate Scale Front Axle

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K44 Ultimate Scale Front Axle

This is the best reproduction to date on a scale axle. The K44 axles have been designed from the ground up with input from some of the top scale builders in the world. With smaller axle tubes, high steer knuckles, and many more features never before found on a set of Radio Control scale axles. RC4WD keeps pushing the limits on scale items and this new axle is a perfect example.

These new K44 axles will work on Tamiya's High lift series trucks when using the leaf spring setup. They are a direct bolt up. The will also work with any chassis that uses our D40 and D35 axle, when using the leaf spring setup. K44's when combined with the 4 link mount (Z-S0133) wcan be made to work with most commen chassis on the market, including the SCX10 chassis.

K44 Axle main features & specs:

    • Width: 176mm (outside hex to outside hex with 6mm hex) 166mm pin to pin
    • Hex Thickness: 6mm
    • 12mm Wheel Hex
    • Gear Ratio: 3:1
    • Leaf Perch mounts: 79mm apart
    • Mounts direct to any Tamiya High Lift series truck
    • Mounts direct to any Trailfinder chassis with leaf springs
    • Includes XVD's
    • Pumpkin Height: 35mm
    • High clearance knuckles
    • Axle Tube Diameter: 10mm
    • Diff screw size: 1.6mm
    • Designed by RC4WD, UK
    • Manufactured by RC4WD
    • Designed for 1/10 trucks
    • Hex to Hex Width:176 mm / 6.92"
    • Pin to Pin Width: 166mm / 6.53"
    • Pumpkin Height: 35mm / 1.37"
    • Leaf Mount Width: 79mm / 3.11"
    • Output Shaft OD:5 mm / 0.19"
    • Weight:  168g /5.95oz

    Shown here with optional 4 link mount (Z-S0133)


    Shown here with optional ARB Diff cover (part number coming soon)

    Installed on our customers truck

    What's included:

    1x K44 Ultimate Scale Front Axle

    Note: For complete truck you will need 2 of this product, or one of this part and one rear straight axle. 

    Optional Parts & Upgrade:

    K44 Ultimate Scale Rear Axle (Part #Z-A0049)

    K44 Ultimate Scale axle 4 link mount (Part # Z-S0133)

    ARB Diff Cover (Part # coming soon)

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