RC4WD Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front) Z-A0080

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Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front)

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Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front)

The most scale and complex axle on the market just became even better! Extremely scale to the smallest details, such as innovative round knuckles (just like the real thing), Removable offset third member and replaceable pumpkin.


  • Die Cast light weight metal housing
  • Hardened steel spool gears
  • 5mm axle output shaft
  • Full ball bearings
  • Powdercated in black
  • Width: 180mm/7.09inch
  • Gear Ratio: 2.67:1
  • Weight: 166gram/5.85oz (front)
  • Engineered and Manufactured by RC4WD
  • Designed for 1:10 scale truck


Shown installed on Gelande 2 (not included)



What's Included:
  • 1x Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front)


Other Yota II Axles:

  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Rear) (Z-A0081)
  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Center Rear) (Z-A0010)
  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Center Front) (Z-A0086)

Replacement Parts:
  • Axle Ring & Pinion Gears  (Z-S0027)
  • Front Replacement Case Housing (Z-A0082)
  • Replacement Third Member (Z-S0813)
  • Replacement Diff Cover (Z-S0812)
  • Replacement Cast Knuckles for Yota II Axle (Z-S0811)
  • Replacement Hardware (Z-S0868)
  • Yota Front Steel Axle Shaft (Z-S0060)
Optional Parts:
  • Optional Diff Cover (Z-S0907)
  • Helical Gear Set (Z-G0059)
  • XVD Axle for Ultimate Scale Yota II (Z-S0823)
  • Steering Link Set (Z-S0938)
  • Predator Track Front Axle Fitting Kit (Z-S0918)
  • Ultimate Axle 4 Link Mount (Z-S0133)
  • Axle U Bolt Kit (Z-S0304)

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