Yokomo DIB Ver.2 Drift Package - Blue

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Belt drive drift car DIB of the popular version up to the expert user! Make a new appearance with standard equipment aluminum "A" arm the degree of freedom of the front alignment is greatly improved.
Employs a dedicated upper bulkhead and aluminum Roasasuamu high rigidity, increase the width adjustment of the front and rear direction than conventional both upper / lower, caster angle and wheel base can now be freely set. In addition, such as changing the damper mounting position and the lower arm that can be adjusted to variable tread, suspension system for the drift just completed, the possibility of DIB will spread further.

The main features
inline layout was placed in the chassis center line on the main drive unit and ? heavy
2 belt drive boasts the operability of the ? best
capable of handling the aluminum front "A" arm in a ? various alignment
- front midship motor layout
- Ackerman ratio of full counter drift corresponding
- Steering angle 45 degrees
- SSG-made double-deck chassis & Damper Stay
- High precision aluminum motor mount
- Low Friction universal shaft
- aluminum oil shocks as standard
- Full ball bearings

Drifter: Yokomo
Yokomo: DIB

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