Yokomo Drift Package MINI Kunny'z JZX100 Chaser

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Great car condensed the driving performance of the drift package, new appeared handy assembling the
completed mini-size drift machine! Maintain a lightweight polycarbonate high kinetic performance taking
advantage of the body, in a realistic finish of body shape also Doripake inheritance, also exterior Tune fun.
Chassis is a mechanical pre-installed of RTR (ready-to-run), new development 2.4Ghz propoxycarbonyl
the response is significantly improved will produce an aggressive drift. Asphalt and concrete road surface,
can travel in carpet road surface. From indoor to outdoor, you can enjoy in various situations.

Main Specifications
- before and after rigid axle shaft drive full-time 4WD
- 4-wheel double wishbone suspension
- completely dust-proof drive train
- paint the completed lightweight polycarbonate body
- before and after universal shaft
- 2.4Ghz 3-channel transceiver
- 1400mAh mini size nickel-metal hydride battery
- AC outlet type rapid charger included

Pre-assembled RTR (ready-to-run)
what you need for traveling: AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter (4)

Drifter: Yokomo
Yokomo: DPR

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