SWAMP KING M/T 1.0" TIRES (4) 64,0x24,5 mm

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Tuning Reifeneinlage A.L.T. Foams closed cell Foams (waterproof)

If your seeking maximum performance out of your RC Crawler? Little Guy Racing Parts has what you need. Our Swamp King M/T tire is going to be a huge step in the right direction! LGRP's oversized tire is ready to dominate almost any obstacle and terrain in its way. With this aggressive tread pattern combined with our NL2 competition compound rubber, your rig will be more capable than ever.

This tire will fit all LGRP brand wheels and most other 1.0” wheels on the market.

Dimensions of tire:

Outer diameter (OD): 64mm / 2.48”

Width: 24.5mm / .96”

What’s included:

(1) Set of 4 Swamp King M/T 1.0” Tires

(1) Set of 4 foam inserts

Due to not having control of other manufacturers' specs, we can not guarantee these will or will not fit on your specific wheels, all wheels we have tested fitment on have fit and de-beading has not been an issue.

We recommend using vented wheels with our tires, if you do not have or have the ability to vent the wheels a few small holes on the center of the tread in a few points will let the tire breathe properly

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